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Toys In Love reviews the Little Chroma

Toys In Love reviews the Little Chroma

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Black Label is one of our new favorite places to spend an afternoon. Spending time there… it’s like; so distantly removed from some of the dingy shops you’ll inevitably run across in your quest for a new toy, that you’ll feel rather relived when you actually do get there… Don’t get me wrong; there are absolutely stunning and great shops on the net, that sell sex toys. But if you take it as a whole, you’ll find that those shops will be few and far between. – Black Label certainly fit the bill as one of the better ones.

So, you know; the couch, the girl, the laptop, coffee, Bailey and it’s time to go shopping. – And it’s really not somewhere with, generally unsafe, cheap jelly dongs and vibrators – that’ll fall apart before you put the batteries in – and other such crap… well, it’s just not somewhere like that you’ll want to spend a whole lot of time. – Black Label is NOT one of those places… – In fact their whole concept is only to carry brands that meet certain criteria’s of safety and quality… – That way you don’t have to even contemplate… Plus; it’s just a damn fine looking store…

Now in our quest and hunt for ever increasingly sophisticated toys and doodads that’ll tickle your prostate silly and hum your G-spot delightfully… well, sometimes a step back is three steps forward…

So there we were, on the couch, with the laptop, the coffee and the Bailey perusing Black Label and suddenly she goes: “You know; I’ve never had one”. – Pointing with furrowed brow at the screen, and a cool, stylish red JimmiJane Little Chroma. – Which actually surprised me because… well, you know; a sex toy reviewer and… who’s never had a… Anyway, you get the drift.

So Black Label instantly came to the rescue, and an absolutely gorgeous little red devil arrived toute de suite – or near enough – in a discreet little package. The packaging of Little Chroma itself is a small rectangular and very modern streamlined box with no vulgar language, descriptions of a sexual nature… just, a really nice box. – That’ll do perfectly well as a gift. Inside the small box, you’ll find a small instruction guide, and the toy itself sort’a tucked inside another piece of cardboard. That’s it. – No pouch or protective cover of any kind, just the toy and the little pamphlet.

Now that actually grated a bit with me. It’s not the cheapest of toys and really? Not even a small velvety/silky thing to store it in… Yeah yeah, me being petty, but it just didn’t seem… right, somehow. It would cost them maybe a dollar or two to make a discreet little nice pouch with the classy JimmyJane logo. – Something… Anything… That said; that’s it for the negativities, the toy itself – and that is actually what matters after all – is pure bloody genius!

A deep red it is, and my Other Half instantly called it; a little red devil… – It kind’a stuck… But, being a review and all; The Little Chroma has a pretty straightforward design – I don’t actually think they could come up with something more straightforward than this. A small cylindrical tube: length of 5 1/4 inches, (4 3/4 inches insertable) and a 5/8 inch diameter. Both ends are rounded, and the end with the cap has a small hole drilled through the cap. – To run a string or chain or something through – for safe removal. It’s not included, but I would definitely recommend doing that if you plan on using the Little Chroma for anal pay. – It will get very slippery, and I wouldn’t just count on skill/luck that it won’t disappear inside.

There is one speed, and one setting only on this vibrator. – And though it doesn’t sound like much for the price, the toy performs extremely well. It is not overly powerful, or underpowered, even; it’s a very good speed, and though it is constant, the setting is – we found – just perfect. Only control, if you can call it that, is simply to just screw the end cap tightly in place. If you have it properly in, all the way, and nicely humming, the unit is near silent. – Damn near silent. – You can actually lie in bed with her, having a nice conversation, and never even know she have a little toy humming away down there, under the covers. It’s definitely a VERY stealthy ‘intruder’.

Now the Little Chroma is made of solid anodized aluminum, a material that is 100% body-safe. And because aluminum retains cold and heat extremely well, the Little Chroma is great for sensuous temperature play. Oh, and it’s a great shower/tub buddy as well; the Little Chroma is completely waterproof. – Even dishwasher safe. And you can use any kind of lube/gel you like. – It really is silly how something so simple can achieve so much, when so many ridiculously complicated toys can get so much utterly wrong.

But honestly, this little cigar tube… it can’t really have too much ‘umpf’, can it? – You might think. Well, yes and no. Because of its slim size and straight design it’s really best suited for pinpoint stimulation. Experienced users may be able to reach their G-spot with the toy, but it’s not really the best toy suited for the job. With some play and fun though, we managed to get at it with my Other Half, but it took some… uhm, fine-tuning.

What she really likes though, is the steady deep hum of the toy. – It’s actually small enough, that it won’t feel like much of an intrusion, so for her it’s like her nether region is on fire all by itself. – She calls it a mental pussy orgasm… I dunno, she’s weird; leave it to her to keep me clueless… But it’s definitely strong enough, and performs well enough to get her off. – Quite often it seems… Hmm, should I worry?

And we’ve used it anally as well, of course – remember the string warming, please – and it definitely sets my prostate in motion. – Bloody hell! Since the motor in the Red Devil is located in the front, separated only by a thin wall of aluminum… – I don’t have any prostate massagers that’s anywhere near as powerful when they hit my prostate as this one. I had prostate fluid running before I uttered the word *blip* through my clenched teeth… My orgasm was just… well it was good! But seriously, if you plan on using it for anal play; do it when you are with a partner.

It is a perfect beginners toy and a perfect gift option. – And as we discovered, even a perfect toy for… well, a more experienced couple, or more experienced toy connoisseurs at least. It’s not a toy for a girl that needs a toy that’ll knock her sideways and give her an explosion in five seconds flat. – It’s a slow lover and a discreet master… a gently giant. – Call Little Chroma what you will. – But you will come, that I guarantee!

We’ve had the good fortune of sampling and testing a wide spectrum of toys. We know good sex toy craftsmanship when we see it… feel it, and play with it. JimmyJane’s Little Chroma is right up there with the best of the best. It comes with a three-year warranty. – And, as if that were not enough; if your motor ever wears-out, you can replace it for only $20, which means the Little Chroma could potentially last forever!

The Little Chroma is available in a wide variety of colors, from Black, Magenta and Red to some engraved with designs. – Even some in solid gold and steel. You’ll find some with bees and skulls and holyday spirit. – If in doubt, just get the little Red Devil.

Black Label is the place to get your Little Chroma. – Or just the place to scrutinize some of the best toys available for sexual pleasure on the planet today. – And though their emphasis is purely on high quality sex toys and toys made from body safe materials, you’ll definitely be able to find luxury items to suit your valet as well.

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