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Sustainable Pleasure

At Black Label we believe it is the responsibility of every organisation however big or small to do their bit to reduce their impact on the environment. We've carefully examined each part of our business and have identified measures at each step we can take to reduce our environmental impact without compromising our commitment to customer service and delivering only the highest quality luxury toys.

Sustainable Pleasure

Reduction of emissions

Since 2012, we have also been voluntarily purchasing Voluntary Carbon Units (VCU) to offset the greenhouse gas emissions produced from our operations and have effectively made our operation 100% carbon neutral. Annually we purchase enough VCUs to offset 25 tonnes of CO2e.

Waste Reduction

We actively recycle a high percentage of the waste from our operations and we're continually working to identify new opportunities to minimise waste and recycle or reuse materials. We will always reuse the packaging materials from our suppliers where ever possible to further reduce our waste production.

Commitment to the environment

Partnering with Carbon Neutral, Black Label has committed to further offset emissions and demonstrate our commitment to the environment through the planting of trees at various planting sites around Australia.