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Screaming Violet reviews Black Label

Screaming Violet reviews Black Label

I haven’t actually written a post solely about an online sex toy shop before, but I have to admit I’m so Impressed by Black Label Sex Toys that I felt it would be almost criminal not to hare what I’ve found.

7 Things I love about

#1 They carry quality and luxury sex toy brands. LELO, Je Joue, Fun Factory, NJoy and many more. All the names I know and love as a sex toy connoisseur are available whilst the one’s I know to steer clear of are nowhere to be found (no Doc Johnson or Cal Exotics here folks!) They even stock all of the Uber Luxurious LELO Luxe range of gold and silver pleasure objects.

#2 They are 100% Phthalate free and only stock 100% body friendly, body safe sex toys. I know that I can send my friends, family and readers to Black Label and know that there is NO chance of them accidentally picking up a jelly dildo or other stinky mess of chemicals.

#3 They Concentrate on Quality over Quantity. Whilst they may not stock every single sex toy ever made, the toys they have are all quality toys that are known to pleasure and please. As I said they even stock the LELO Luxe line including the 18k Gold Olga – why settle for anything but the best??

#4 The Hide Button – the hide button for the Black Label site is somewhat akin to the instant off switch on a vibrator. If the kids, your boss, flatmate or just anyone whom you don’t want to see that you are shopping for adult products should enter the room you can quickly hit the “HIDE” link. This brings up a boring old looking spreadsheet page and no one needs to know what you are really looking at. If you read my blog you’ll know I like the little touches and this is exactly the kind of touch that I like. It might not be something ‘us’ sex toy review crowd care a lot about, but buying sex toys can be intimidating to some. For those people the hide button Rocks!

#5 They want to work with Australian Reviewers – Can you hear me yell “Aussie, Aussie, Aussie” And they also stock Australian sex toys such as the BeBe – which was my first Australian Sex Toy Review

#6 Their Prices are Pretty God Damn Amazing – I’ve honesty not seen so many luxury sex toys this cheap anywhere on the internet. Their prices are all in Australian dollars and are so low at the moment I wish I could snap them all up.

For example (From right at the top of my Wishlist) The LELO Ina is currently on sale for only $170 au2 And the Njoy Eleven – THE Holy Grail of Dildos is only $295au3

They also only stock GENUINE label brand toys – no fakes or imitations as I’ve seen on other sites with great prices

So all in all I think Black Label totally rock and earn a full five star rating from me.