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Media Mentions & Reviews

Toys In Love reviews The Butt Boy

Anyway; cool hangout is just such an understatement for this shop! Seriously, Black Label knows how to make a sex shop that gives you that warm tingle – instead of a smack in the head with a nuclear jelly dong. – I love this place.

Toys In Love reviews The Little Chroma

Black Label is one of our new favorite places to spend an afternoon ... … it’s like; so distantly removed from some of the dingy shops you’ll inevitably run across in your quest for a new toy.

Screaming Violet reviews Black Label

7 Things I love about

lazy geisha Reviews Njoy Pure Plugs

Exploring your sexuality should be the most comfortable and natural thing you ever do with your own body or with a partner.

lazy geisha reviews the LELO Elise

From her elegant sensual lines to her supple feminine curves, the LELO ELISE is perhaps the most luxurious product ever conceived to please a woman’s body.

lazy geisha reviews Black Label

...but this is the first time where the shopping experience and the luxurious quality of the toys exceeded my expectations and high standards. That shopping experience is Black Label.

Urban Princess Reviews Black Label

I decided to redefine my search to "Luxury Sex Toys". This is how I came to find Black Label Sex Toys to begin with and it wasn't scary or intimidating at all. Best of all it had a guys, girls and couples sections

lazy geisha reviews LELO Nea

The NEA is one of several elegant masterpieces created by LELO and is quite possibly one of their most popular pieces. NEA can be considered a mini-vibrator but she’s so much more than just that; she’s an expression of beauty and femininity...

Interview with Bliss from Black Label

An Evening With Bliss: The lazy geisha sits down with the owner of Black Label Sex Toys to talk about business, sex, and mishaps at the post office!

Sex Toys Review - The Nea

The Lelo Nea is no everyday alternative to the usual sex toys offered for personal pleasuring.For starters, it looks very appealing - almost disguising it's intended purpose.

Sydney Morning Herald - Ask Sam

While the chic Passage du Desir store is selling out of the luxury toys at a rapid rate we now have our very own Aussie-based luxury toy retailer, Black Label, which is getting local women's knickers in a tizzy.

Red Sneaker Diaries Reviews Smart Balls

I LOVE promoting smartballs. That’s a win-win situation. Black Label only sells the best sex toys,so of course they offer smartballs. The new ones I got were pink. How cute!

AAG reviews the LELO Gigi for JanesGuide

I’ve had the pleasure of trying a number of Lelo sex toys thus far. They are all high-quality and quite beautiful—but the Gigi is my favorite Lelo product of them all.

lazy geisha reviews Geisha Balls

There was a time when beauty and pleasure were pursued for their own ends; a time when nothing but the finest silk touched our skin, when our lives were celebrations of our femininity, when our only goal was to bathe in waterfalls of ecstasy...

lazy geisha Reviews the LELO Gigi

The LELO GIGI is a dedicated g-spot vibrator, one unlike any other I have ever used. Her ergonomic design and powerful engine will make your search for your elusive g-spot that much simpler.