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lazy geisha Reviews Njoy Pure Plugs

lazy geisha Reviews Njoy Pure Plugs

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Exploring your sexuality should be the most comfortable and natural thing you ever do with your own body or with a partner. All of us are sexual creatures, and all of us crave these feelings of physical pleasure, so much so that we're constantly searching for ways to heighten and increase these experiences.

One such pleasure which has long been associated with many taboos is anal stimulation. Finding something to help break down the psychological and physical barriers to successful experiences with anal play is now within your grasp, and they're called Pure Plugs made by njoy toys.

Having experienced many forms of anal stimulation either with toys or through intercourse, the njoy Pure Plugs took me by surprise. To sum it up, they are delightfully decadent and have opened doors of pleasure for me that could perhaps take an entire lifetime to explore.

If you've always desired the experience of anal penetration or stimulation but were hesitant to try, the njoy Pure Plugs are the gateway to a wonderful world of anal pleasure!

However these are no ordinary butt plugs! The Pure Plugs are crafted with the sameelegance and artistic vision which has gone into all of njoy's products.

First a little bit about these amazing gems. The Pure Plugs are made of the same solid medical 516 grade stainless steel that njoy's other products (the Pure Wand and the Fun Wand) are made with. They are available in three distinct sizes, with respect to the diameter of the head, the overall weight of the plug, and length from stem to tip. Beginners may want to start with the 1 inch plug, and gradually move up to the 1 ¼ inch and then ultimately the 1 ½ inch. With each larger plug, the weight increase is appreciable as is the overall size. I tried the 1 ¼ and then the 1 ½ pure plug for my review, and found the weight and size difference between them to be remarkable; which basically means, the larger the plug, the greater the sensation of that delightful stretch of penetration and the feelings of being filled. The shape is another amazing feature of the Pure Plugs.

The heads are similar to the teardrop or penis head shape seen on the Fun Wand, but the largest Pure Plug (1 ½ inch) has the same diameter and overall weight at the large ball on the Fun Wand. Because the Pure Plugs are polished to a silky smooth mirror shine, they take very well to any lubricant, and they glide along your skin making penetration heavenly. The solid stainless steel adapts very well to changes in temperature making them perfect for alternative play with hot or cold stimulation, but they also transfer body heat almost immediately which gives you an erotically charged warm sensation deep within. The flare, curve, and stem are also delightful surprises with the Pure Plugs! Under the head, there is a flare in the steel which curves down to a beautiful stem, until it bows out to the handle making these the most comfortable and exciting butt plugs you're ever going to find, (I'm wearing my 1 ½ inch plug now as I write this!)

It's important to take a quick look at your anatomy to understand how and why these work. Just inside your anus are the sphincter muscles which are like an o-ring. When you're experiencing the stretch, this is what you are expanding. Just past the sphincter is the rectum. Depending on your personal taste, you may enjoy more stretch and full feelings, so a larger plug would be a good choice. Other may just enjoy the feelings of being penetrated and want to experience the added pressure of wearing a plug and they may want something smaller - which is why the Pure Plugs come in three sizes!

As you slide the plug inside your anus, you're overwhelmed by that consciousness altering stretch, and then pushing past and just a little further inside, your body closes around the flare and stem holding the plug in place with the head giving you hours upon hours of sexual sensory overload. I've gone out while wearing my plug and was only aware of the stimulation to my body and was completely unaware of the stem or handle. The fit your body as if they were made for you. Removal and cleanup is simple. The handle provides a solid grip to extract the plug and they clean up with just about anything. Avoid using abrasives or you'll lose that njoy shine!

My first time with the Pure Plug I was alone in the house when the package arrived from njoy. I raced up to my bedroom and opened it as if it were Christmas morning, tearing apart the box and pulling out my new toys. Each product sold by njoy comes in a beautiful lined molded box which is perfect for storage or display! I held my plugs tight in my hands allowing my fingers to travel over them just to get a feel for what they are and to imagine how I wanted to use them. I decided to try the 1 ¼ inch plug first so I started by taking off all of my clothes and popping my favorite pornographic DVD into the machine.

Just the thought of what I was about to do turned me on. As the images flashed across the screen, I reached into my sex toy chest and took out a very large black dildo. My nipples were rock hard and I was already very wet, and I wanted to indulge my own double penetration fantasy; and the pure plugs were going to help me!

I found my bottle of pjur woman bodyglide and dabbed some on my fingers. I reached down between my legs and spread the lube all around my anus and slipped a single finger inside to make sure I was slippery. I held the smaller of my two plugs carefully in my hand and spread the lube all over the head. I started pulling on the rings in my nipples and sliding my fingers all around my pussy as I continued to watch my movie. I was already completely turned on and ready for this!

I lifted myself up and knelt on the bed, spreading my legs open. I reached around my back with the plug in my hand and slightly bent over, sliding the steel head down my ass between my cheeks until I found my anus. Slowly I started to push the plug inside me. My breathing was labored and I was aware of how hard I was panting as the pure plug stretched me open and then slipped into place. I gasped and closed my legs together as if to keep my heat contained. It was such an amazing feeling... but I had worked myself up so much that I absolutely had to try the larger plug. My fingers reached for the handle and I pulled the plug out of me, as I reached for its bigger cousin. Once again I spread the lube over the shiny steel head and got up on my knees. As I watched, and imagined myself doing what I was seeing on the screen, I reached around and slipped the head of the plug inside me. While it may only be a ¼ of an inch larger in diameter, the larger plug is enormous compared to the smaller one, so much so that I gasped for air as it began to stretch me open. I moved it back and forth, pushing harder, stretching my ass wider as I penetrated myself with this beautiful steel. A loud moan escaped my throat as it slid into place and my consciousness shifted to a delightful place of bliss and ecstasy. I fell to the bed and curled up into a ball, rapt with pleasure and sensations. I couldn't focus, I could only experience the amazing sensation of being filled. As I drifted in and out of this altered state of consciousness, I laid back and spread my legs wide, reaching for my dildo. I lifted my legs slid the head along my slit, and pushed the cock into my soaking cunt. My fingers barely had time to find my clit and I was coming, an amazing series of orgasms which left me in such heavenly ecstasy that I wanted to do it again and again. I masturbated and came with the plug inside me at least five times, with each successive orgasm more intense than the last.

Anal play isn't for everyone, but anyone can experience it and enjoy it. The pure plugs are simply perfect for both men and women, and can be used to fulfill your own double penetration fantasies, or to provide you with some discreet pleasure, or during any sexual activity with your partner that you choose.

The njoy line of sex toys are works of art, creations of genius, and they're all delightfully decadent. I love the Pure Plugs - I would recommend them to anyone and they are endorsed by the lazy geisha.

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