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lazy geisha reviews the LELO Elise

lazy geisha reviews the LELO Elise

From her elegant sensual lines to her supple feminine curves, the LELO ELISE is perhaps the most luxurious product ever conceived to please a woman's body.

Distinguishing herself among a similar class of luxury pleasure objects - ELISE doesn't simply change the rules of how a vibrator should work, she defines them, and after feeling her powerful pleasure points slide against your flesh - you'll understand why.

Her features alone make similar products pale by comparison.

Succinctly put - the LELO ELISE is the only intimate accessory you'll ever need


The LELO ELISE is sculpted with the same precision quality and craftwork which has become the hallmark of the LELO brand.

She's approximately nine delicious inches long from end to end - measuring 220 x 42 x 36 mm -- with a slight subtle curve which bends exquisitely down along her stem - but from the base to the crown is where ELISE truly expresses her form and function as well as her lavishly exquisite beauty.

The stem is tapered ever so slightly at the base which then widens into a truly satisfying girth at the crown. You will be aware of her presence! ELISE weighs a total of 208 grams - so she's not overly heavy or cumbersome to use and handle. Aesthetically- ELISE is gorgeous. Covered with a medical grade plum or white silicone over a rigid body - you'll find yourself wanting to feel her sublime beauty move against your own from the moment you hold her in your hand.

LELO ELISE's controls are perfectly located on her belly in such a way that she simply becomes an extension of your hand during use - her backlit white LED illuminated dial is intuitively positioned precisely where your thumb would expect to find it as you hold her and guide her with your fingers towards your most treasured and sacred femininity.

Controlling ELISE

ELISE's dial controls two individually powered pleasure points located along her stem between the base and crown. By a succession of clicks (plus for more - minus for less) you can adjust the level of stimulation you receive - but ELISE is capable of so much more than that. She's loaded with five programmed settings varied around and between the length of the stem. By selecting the keys located on her dial you can access a dizzying array of pleasure modes.

A Little More

LELO ELISE Available At Black Label represents a new approach to feminine pleasure and an exploration of our sexuality.

Whether you desire body bending clitoral stimulation or the wettest consciousness altering g-spot orgasms by sliding her deep inside yourself... or simply as a way to massage the day away - ELISE is perfectly suited for the task. But perhaps ELISE's most prurient secret is her silence - as with all things LELO; ELISE is designed to deliver maximum result with minimal noise. You'll barely be aware of her other than the sounds of your own ecstasy as you move her in and around your most private erogenous zones.

ELISE also has the ability to lock her controls so there's little chance of accidentally shutting her off in the throes of bliss! Such a feature is also advised in transporting her during travel. ELISE is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery and comes with the appropriate power cord for charging. And when ELISE needs recharging - a slight red sheen will display (as opposed to the normal white) when you turn her on.

LELO recommends that you only use Water-Based sexual lubricants with ELISE - and normal toy cleaning before and after use rules also apply.

LELO also extends a one year warranty on ELISE.

Why You Need One

The choice to take your pleasures with luxury objects truly designed around the needs of a woman's body is a personal and private decision. Making the right choice about what to buy isn't easy either - with so many choices and so many promises made, a woman can never truly know until she tries it for herself. As a woman who has used ELISE to pleasure herself over and over again, I feel confident in recommending and suggesting her to you. Tho more important than my word alone -- we must also consider the source. LELO is dedicated to creating pleasure objects for women which are more than just simple sex toys - they're truly something else, something more, something truly created by lovers of women. LELO's stated philosophy says it all -- "blending fashion, femininity, engineering and design, our aim is to create objects not just functional, but seductive in their own right. Lust objectified to inspire a positive and confident sexuality."

ELISE is all of that and more. She's packaged in an elegant black case and she comes with a beautiful silk pouch to store her. ELISE is a sophisticated adult pleasure object which indulges your passions... and your lust... with the luxury your body -- and everything else which makes you beautiful -- deserves.