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Toys In Love reviews The Butt Boy

Toys In Love reviews The Butt Boy

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Once again we find ourselves in one of our favorite hangouts these days. – By the way; here’s a question for you: do you know you’ve got a dependency towards sex toys when your hangout is a sex toy shop? Yeah… thought so. Anyway; cool hangout is just such an understatement for this shop! Seriously, Black Label knows how to make a sex shop that gives you that warm tingle – instead of a smack in the head with a nuclear jelly dong. – I love this place.

So anyway; there we were, just hangin’, chillin’, just browsing the site, and she – that would be my Other Half – points to a MASSIVE plug and goes: “You should get that”. – So I looked at the ‘thing’, looked at her, looked at the ‘thing’, looked at her again and went: “you’re joking!” But, of course she wasn’t… – And so, because they’re so cool – and because they apparently have no sympathy for my delicate arse – or just generally love my Other Half – Black Label shipped one right away… And so – a few days later – and I was warily unwrapping this thing I was sure would harm, hurt and bring god-awful pain to my rear end. I was already thinking of plausible distress calls to 911… – None came to mind that sounded anywhere near rational though… The packages from Black Label are always just plain and gives no indication of its goods. – So that aside, and there it was.

Oh.My.Butt! – Take a look at the Butt Boy. This is the second of the new Rocks Off trilogy for men we’re reviewing, and to put it mildly; – this one is different than the first one! Where the Cheeky Boy is like small beads on a string, this one is a hunk of silicone that made me swallow – twice. It’s definitely unique, for a “prostate massager”, as its conical shape seems more suitably shaped to fill you up, and then some – than actually shaped to ‘massage’ your prostate.

Now the packaging of the Butt Boy itself is the usual, which all the Rocks Off boys will present themselves in. – Sturdy black box, great for storage, with a large window in the front – letting you see just what you’re getting yourself into. – So maybe not the best gift if it’s a public venue… But I really like these Boy boxes – and actually find them rather luxurious in this, thick, black textured cardboard. The box opens almost as if on hinges, and you can lift the toy from its thermo-plastic-molded bed. In the box you also find an instruction manual with info on the toy in a slew of languages, and it’ll also show some of the other toys from the Rocks Off line.

Now first impressions can be misleading, – but for a silicone ‘prostate massager’; this is one big boy. It’s more sort of a plug shape really, than a prostate massager, but it has all the frills of a great massager. – It’s all medical grade silicone of course, completely body-safe in every way; so no phthalates or anything else bad for you in this boy. The silicone is quite firm. It’s flexible enough to bend back and forth in the ‘neck’ and you’ll have no trouble getting it to fit the curve of your body while inside. It’s absolutely tasteless and it has no smell what so ever. Everything feels really well fabricated and with the Rocks Off logo embossed on the side of the perineum cover part – in this deep black color, the toy feels and looks rather luxurious.

The award winning RO-80mm bullet, that comes nestled inside the toy, is removable with a firm grip, a few twists back and forth and a pull. – Which is rally great because; even if your partner, or yourself, wants a little tickle with a small bullet… And being more of a plug, you still get heaps of enjoyment from the toy even if you let your partner borrow the bullet for a bit. But where the Cheeky Boy had slight problems getting vibrations through the tiny neck and up through the beads to the prostate – the Butt Boy has no problems what so ever getting vibrations going throughout the thick mass of this boy.

Measuring the Butt Boy, and we end up with about 7 inches in length – 4 of which are insertable. The circumference tapers from a soft pointy tip up to a somewhat large 6 inches. So it’s not really a beginner’s plug, and I would recommend it more to the intermediate to advanced crowd. – I would probably be somewhere in that first bit, and we had to have me good and well loosened up before I got this boy inside. Lube is essential of course, and being silicone; stick with water-based lubes and gels only.

But after the unwrapping and me sitting there, in the couch, looking at this thing – a little dubious – and my Other Half walked in… She looked at it, fondled it a bit, handed it back and said: “Let’s have sex”. My: “What, now!?” probably hit falsetto faster than clinically possible… But, I love anal play – have probably had hundreds of toys in my arse – one way or the other. And even though this Butt Boy is on the slightly-bigger-than normal scale, I knew that it would feel incredible – being full and heavy with this one inside me – setting my perineum area afire with vibrations. And now positively sure, that my Other Half had something planned, I followed – as if magically pulled on a leash – into the bedroom.

Now, being relaxed and comfy and loosened up is usually always a good idea when it comes to safe anal play. So we took our time… Fingers, starter toys, plenty of lube, lots of giggles caresses and fun, and somehow, amazingly enough – it just… went in… A slight push and… – can I repeat: Oh.My.Butt! I have to say, by now I know when something gets the attention of my prostate, and as I suspected; the Butt Boy wasn’t it. – It did however get the full attention of my lover rectum, the slight pull the Butt Boy will give – continuously – on the sphincter, from the inside. And then with a smile and the press on the bullet the vibrations from the bullet spread out through all that thick firm silicone… It took a bit of willpower not to come right then and there, especially since my Other Half was doing… uh, VERY nice things to my penis! *cough*

So, we actually ended up with quite a session with this thing firmly lodged in my arse! It’s really quite a feeling having this vibrating perineum-‘plug’ transform your entire nether region – while your going ‘at it’ with your girl. – In the best possible way. – Awesome way even. I definitely loved it, – and in the few days we’ve had it, we’ve been using it quite a bit!

After anal play, it’s so super important toys can be properly cleaned. – And as luck would have it, silicone is a great material in this regard: Use warm water and anti-bacterial soap, finish by wiping or patting the toy with a good sex toy cleaner. The plug portion of the toy can be boiled for 3-5 minutes to sterilize (remove the bullet!). Though the bullet IS waterproof, it won’t survive the heat.

And that about does it for the review of the Butt Boy, – who came and scared the bejeezes out of me, but ended up on the ‘favorite shelf’… You gotta love when that happens!

So yes, it does seem big. – Scary even. – But it performs wonders. And it’s not something you’ll regret buying. I’ll almost put a stamp of personal guarantee on that statement – but of course, we are all different. – But if you do like anal play, have done it before and love the feeling of having your sphincter welcome guests when you are having sex, – then you’ll love this one.

Black Label deserves some love and attention, – not only do they have a fantastic website and a seriously cool selection of toys and other bedroom gear. – But they have some of the best customer service out there. Saying this is becoming one of our favorite hangouts when we look for toys, was no joke. – Plus, they are dead set on global domination so; it won’t matter where in the world you are, they WILL get your Butt Boy pleasure package out to you!

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