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Earth Day 2012

Save the planet, buy a vibrator!

To celebrate Earth Day 2012 we're very pleased to announce in partnership with Carbon Neutral our commitment to plant a tree for every rechargeable toy purchased from April 22nd - May 31st following Earth Day 2012.

Sustainable Pleasure

Make sure you check out the full range of rechargeable sex toys and do your part in helping the environment.

Carbon Neutral have estimated that approximately 6 trees will sequester 1 tonne of carbon dioxide over their lifetime. The planting sites are legally protected for 100 years and will feature multiple native species. As well as sequestering carbon dioxide the trees provide additional benefits including a reduction in soil erosion and salinity, an improvement in biodiversity and providing habitat for native animals.

For more information on the measures we're taking to become carbon neutral as well as further our commitment to the environment take a look at our Sustainable Pleasure page.